INCITE is an International NGO aiming at enlightening the power of knowledge, skills and techniques to the society, to create a platform conducive for the growth, promotion and partnering in the field of science, arts, social, cultural and humanity with society, taking together industries, academics and government through consultative, advisory and educative processes which will provide growth platform with international standards. It is supported by intellects, professionals, social workers, academicians, policy makers, students and industry experts aimed at developing a cutting edge for real-time strategic collaboration between academic, corporate, government and private laboratories, entrepreneurs, investors and service providers in order to harness the benefits of advances in innovative areas directly and indirectly influenced by all walks of life.

We are blessed with 20 Centers in India and 23 International
Coordinators facilitating and networking our activities across the world.

INCITE perform unique charity activities exclusively known as refined charity , filling the gaps and tying the knot of human lives, dreams, expectations and real time facts. To improve the livelihood and standard of living making the earth a beautiful place to live on. As the name suggests every human is embodied with the gift of intellect and continuous training makes him enlightened; empowering himself and his surroundings. INCITE believes that picking up one individual from each family and igniting his spirit through the above said process alone can create a change for sustainable development and contributing effective and efficient human resources to the nation. Thus our major thrust lies skilling and training human resources representing different strata of the society excelling them to various levels of performance by the INCITE knowledge Management Services and INCITE Training Division. Academic, Corporate, Business, Women and Children representations from minorities specially challenged groups, rural sectors and other cognitive groups are given special focus and extensive training. INCITE takes immense pleasure and privilege and considers as great fortune and honor to render services to people in hunger and poverty, sickness and distress, natural calamities and disaster and several more , through unique helping hand activities in sharing their grieves, sorrows and anxiety. Activities designed with love, care and concern for the fellow beings have touched the human lives through care 4U, Feed, Sudhar, Akshada, Adore and many more. Special counseling sessions for the children, youth, families and individuals have been a miraculous eye opener. Programme named Signal has been effective in creating awareness in traffic rules and Save-Basic life support Skill at emergencies have created remarkable consciousness and responsibility to safe guard human lives.

Our Vision

Improvising the mind and spirit

Our Mission

Excellence in Enlightening the Society with Knowledge, Wisdom and Technology for Creating Successful Personality

Our Motto

Igniting the Spirit

Quality Policy

INCITE is a Unique Centre of International Excellence aiming at imparting Skills, Knowledge, Calues and Aptitude for Enlightening and Empowering the Society for the Sustainable Development of Human Resources.

INCITE team is highly competent in undertaking and conducting the following activities


  • Academic and Educational Programs / Facilitations of International standards
  • Exclusive Training on intellectual, technical, soft skills, employability, business, corporate, trade, competence and excellence
  • Specific diseases and outbreaks
  • Designing of new drugs and vaccine for dreadful diseases
  • Health surveys, public awareness camps and campaigns
  • Health rehabilitation programs
  • Charity activities including rural development, slum eradication

  • Cultural activities, competitions for all sectors of society
  • Environment protection
  • Personal counseling
  • International Seminars / Workshops and conferences
  • Publications

INCITE Research Work in :


  • Cancer Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Clinical Research
  • Space Medical Research
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Cancer, Diabetes mellitus, Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Malaria, Avian/Swine Influenza
  • Genomics and Proteomics
  • New Viral / Bacterial Infections
  • Emerging Diseases and Treatments
  • Cytogenetic, Genetic Counseling
  • Exploration of Phytodrugs
  • Conservation of Endangered Plants/Animals
  • Nutrigenomics, Metagenomics and others

We conduct International Degree/Diploma Programs in Nanotechnology, Clinical Research, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioethics accredited with International Association/Organisations and Asian Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Academy, Japan along with International Executive MBA, MBA PGDBM for world excellence with eighteen specializations.

All these have been the result of INCITE,s linkages with various internationally reputed universities, institutions and RD organizations and through proven track record and unique functionalities of INCITE. The successful batches have been well placed for higher studies and jobs in international strata, as they are finely molded with richness for competence. INCITE has an International Journal named ,International Journal of Biomedicine, Genomics and Proteomics, adding colors to the scientific contributions through scientific newsletters, journals, books etc. INCITE also takes keen interest in popularizing technological transfer from lab to land with science and society collaborative projects. This will help in assisting the income generation and financial scaling up of rural communities and involving the urban amenities to be shared among the public with a mutual participation for a national competence and global welfare.


The year 2012 witnessed the launch and implementation of a green dream in to a green reality through Save Earth Campaign- Plant a Sapling to umbrella the Mother Earth with economically important trees, presented as a gift- as a girl child to each family in residents association units of Trivandrum district. This precious gift would be converted to a big tree with benefits and maturity value of refreshed oxygen, promising rains, working ecosystem, feel of the nature and materially lakhs worth timber. INCITE proudly feels to have taken up this campaign to show the heart of love to the mother Earth.


We, at INCITE, have a tradition of organizing International Conferences with excelling standards to create Interaction among different sectors such as Universities, Research Institutions and industries of International fame will help to disseminate state of the art knowledge in various field and related to genes and all possible dreams about it (To mention: ORIBIO,2012 {www.oribio2012.org}). This will also became a platform and serve as a forum for young researchers to present their work and interact with more experienced experts in the field. These International conferences will be relevant and useful to the students and faculties to interact with reputed scientists for their future studies and research activities. INCITE to its credit has more than 80 international publications, 5 internationally funded research projects and 1221 students have completed their course successfully and excelling in different institutions/organizations across the world.


During April 12-17- 2013, INCITE celebrated the Vishu festival in a unique and colorful manner called INCITE Travancore Carnival 2013 and International Kite Festival along with the launch of social projects with philanthropic outlook, witnessed by more than a lakh of audience and dignitaries, have elevated the social branding of INCITE to every human hearts.

Rising to the need and voicing against violence and atrocities, International Women Consortium for Social Renaissance (IWCSR), an initiative of INCITE, established a network and conducted the International Seminar on Violence against women in October7-9, 2013. INCITE endows awards, recognitions and honors in saluting people of great achievements and contributions in various fields across the globe. Deserving individuals and groups who need support for academic and technical excellence are bestowed with scholarships, fellowships and stipend for unconditional contributions for oneself and to the nations.


INCITE is also involved in different social projects for rural development and skill development programs for improving the living standards of our people and for poverty eradication. We have a unique pattern of serving the society, in our own style, beyond any material and financial profit motivations. The activities are so designed to fill up the gaps of high-end programs and other activities in the society; wiping the tears of the people in its complete essence. With the increasing number of people in the world today comes with the increasing number of poverty thus creating hardships in financial and social status, and educational background. Being aware with these facets of life nowadays creates a sense of charitable purpose in each person, which in turn is translated into charitable deeds. Hence, reaching out and creating a big difference in other people,s lives. Having charity awareness creates a desire to help others and by this, enables a person to think of ways and means to build bridges to deliver the mission and thus reach a certain goal of fulfillment with oneself through the advancement of the lives of those less fortunate people who are the object of that charitable desire.

2017 is the year for the launch of our dream project during the mega event “Rising India 2018” an international summit on strategizing global challenges for the Nation building to be held at Bengaluru.