Kite Festival

Kite Festival



Feb 14-19, 2013

Shankumughom Beach


February is the month of Carnival; time to loosen our tight Brains, refresh our minds, enlighten our spirits and revive and rejuvenate our body. INCITE TRAVANCORE CARNIVAL speaks of Kerala’s rich cultural and traditional background. The colorful festivals are an integral part of every Indians and keralites. The festivals play an important part in promoting the traditional handicrafts and tourism of Kerala. The rich cultural heritage of Kerala attracts the Western world during the celebration of important festivals like Onam, Diwali, Vishu, Ramadan and many more. Every region celebrates their festival according to their regional customs and rituals. The commonness in all the celebration is that it celebrates humanity. The elaborate celebration and the multitude of festivals in India, each with their own unique legends and significances often awe the foreigners who come to visit India. Being a highly spiritual country, festivals are at the heart of people’s lives in India. The numerous and varied festivals that are held throughout the year offer a unique way of seeing Indian culture at its best.

Let us join hands, celebrate and rejoice in Oneness to uphold the motto of love and brotherhood and be an integral part of a festival which the world has never seen and Thiruvananthapuram will echo the voice of Kerala and India to humanity.

The unique features of the Carnival are:

  • Go Green Policy, SAVE EARTH and “Say NO” to Plastics
  • Minimum Sound Pollution

Artists Village

  • Competitions and Opportunities will be given for making paintings, drawings, sketches, during the Carnival for Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Creative Personnel
  • All Advertisement tools like Banners, Display Boards, and Postures will be designed by young and skilled Artists to create a platform to showcase their talents.
  • Sand Sculptures
  • Fun with Baby Elephant on beach
  • Kerala’s traditional Art forms like Kollukali, panchavadhyam, Theyyam etc performed
  • Army & Police Band Display
  • Participation of Coastal Guards, Border Security Force, Military, Air force, CRPF
  • Evening Cultural Performances including Mohiniyattom, Bharata Natyam, Nadan Pattukal, Cinematic Dance etc
  • Pet Show
  • Magic Show
  • Competitions for Painting, Drawing, Debates
  • Kavya Sandhya
  • Comedy Shows
  • Fire Works
  • Fun & Games like tug of War, Kabbadi, extempore activities etc



INCITE International KITE Festival for Social 


February 16-17, 2013


  • The 1st ever International KITE Festival in India by INCITE.
  • A prestigious gathering of International Tourists, nature-lovers, beach lovers, children, corporates, youth, businessmen, Budding, Aspiring & Successful Entrepreneurs, representatives from all walks of life.

About KITE
Kite, an invention of China, has now become the passion for people the world over for bringing the joy in both young and old. Kites are flown for recreation, art or other practical uses. Kites are used for different purposes. Some enjoy flying kites for recreation, others for sports.

Sport kites are flown in aerial ballet, sometimes as part of a competition. Power kites are multi-line steer able kites designed to generate large forces which can be used to power activities such as kite surfing, kite land boarding or kite buggying. Kites towed behind boats can lift passengers, which has had useful military and postal communication applications in the past.
We are enthusiastic about kite flying. People from all age groups, young and old, enjoy kite flying. Whether they belong to lower stratum or possess the vast mansion, flying kites is the passion for one and all.
The INCITE International Kite Festival will be held at Shankumugham Beach Trivandrum and to spice the Event; more fun, games & Competitions will make the fest “a class of its own” and a unique trendsetter to Trivandrum.
Why International INCITE KITE Festival?

The International Kite Festival proposed to be held at shankumugham Beach on 16-17th February 2013 is not merely a Kite Festival. It is a festival with unique designs, social concepts, and much more to celebrate in its finest colour and glow.

The International INCITE KITE Festival (IIKF) is conducted for showcasing and highlighting the following.

I) IIKF is a Social Campaign
When the sky is completely covered with multi colored and differently shaped Kites, it conveys the message of peace, gender safety, brotherhood, communal harmony, National integration, awareness on diseases like Cancer, HIV, smoking, alcoholism, environmental protection and many more will keep the list endless. The message written on the heart of the Kite will elevate human minds to think high and rise to the need of the hour.
II) IIKF introduce a new sport
Unlike any other sport, Kite flying is identified as an International Sport and it is time for us to establish a position among the International Kite flying associations and to promote it in India and in Kerala. It is also a physical exercise for brain, arms, legs, neck and eyes. Kite flying helps in improving eye sight as eye lids are to be moved constantly along with every changing movement of the kite fly up in the sky. Flying of kite under the blue colour of the sky soothens our eyes too. Kite flying helps in the development of concentration and mind power. Flying of kite is one of the best low budget recreations, clean, safe entertainment, which helps in recovering physical as well as mental stress in a shortest possible time. Kite flying regenerates great quantum of energy, happiness and freshness which revives us with more vigor and transforms to a new vibrant human.
III) IIKF facilitates and promote International Tourism.
Even though God’s own country Kerala is well renowned for her International tourists spots, several factors have significantly affected the International tourism among the International groups. Even though several factors directly or indirectly contribute to this alarming scenario, unique and specialized tourism plans and activities giving focus to the interest of the foreigners would solve the issue to some extent through kite festival and will facilitate in reboosting and attracting foreigners to kerala, which is already encharmed with the grace of the Lord Padmanabha Swamy (Sanctum sanctorum).
IV) IIKF practices us to dream and aim high with more emotional intelligence
Life set with goals and with clear path of vision and mission amalgamated with scents of social responsibility, makes the human life meaningful and worthy. This festival inspires and teaches us to live “a human life” beyond words with deeds.
V) IIKF is a Festival to Celebrate and to Know each other; with the variety of visitors at Shankumugham.
VI) Fun, games and competitions with cash prizes and gifts to make the festival colourful.

VII) International Kite Flying Training
IIFK trains people to be professional kite flyers with one hour Training on 17 February 2013. Interested people will be grouped to form a INCITE International Kite Club to practice Kite Flying regularly at Thiruvananthapuram and in other parts of Kerala.

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