My City

My City

My City – Ten Years from Now

India is well known for its democracy and richness in constitutional frame work. The people elect the government with expectations to excel the nation providing good quality of life guaranteed to every citizen with a synchronous growth of elevating the nation with global competency.

Even though the governments in Central and State rules the country, we as citizens also have equal responsibility to be loyal and cherishing the nation with social responsibility. “Patriotism” and “Responsible Citizens” makes us the feel “Proud to be an Indian”. With advancements in technologies and the world at your door steps has embraced us a faster pace, smarter approach and effective strategies to compete for a better nation.

Every Indian to be a part of Nation Building, we Invite and value your Dreams, Plans, Suggestions to make our nation a global leader. Come Open your Mind, Ignite your Spirit, Revive your Brains. Let us Blue Print the master plan for India. Every citizen holds the right to voice and convert dreams to actions. India is blessed and ranks number one in the young human capital and in terms of experienced brain power, the elderly groups having richness in experience; both the ends blended together can definitely make a miraculous years ahead.
Every Indian irrespective of geography, culture, religion, beliefs, age, profession, gender to spend few minutes to dream, act and support for the nation with your own credentials for the most popular campaign for Nation Building:

My City 10 years from now Contest
We translate your Dreams, Ideas and Plans for Transforming India
Let us network, every Village to City, Metros to Mansions, Children to Elders, Power to Pride to build a strong and sustainable Nation.